Mens Country Footwear
Bench made Country Footwear

Probably the finest bench-grade classic country footwear available anywhere.These wide fitting styles are carefully crafted for Hoggs of Fife, in Northampton, with full leather linings, insoles and leather storm welts. All Hoggs of Fife Bench-Made Goodyear-welted Footwear can be resoled and refurbished, thereby offering years’ of comfortable service; truly, such superior footwear should be regarded as a very wise investment.

Bench Made Waxy Classics

Hoggs of Fife Glengarry Shoe Bench-Made Waxy Classic is a fine example of
the leather used for this range is a high performance leather, providing a good barrier to water, yet remaining fully breathable even after total immersion – from which it will quickly dry and recover its original appearance and flexibility. Salt lines and most other stains can be wiped off and there is a high resistance to alkalis and mineral acids. Other features include welted construction with a middle-ply sole (which allows
re-soling) plus leather insoles and linings. All styles are wide fitting and are available in full and half sizes
7-12 unless otherwise stated.